Bai Led Lights – Leading LED Manufacturer in the World

LED Street Lights

  • High color rendering index, long life span
  • High color rendering index, long life span Five times working life than traditional street light
  • Imported Aluminium fashionable desing
  • Use imported Aluminium die-casing shell anodic oxidation, fashionable desing
  • Energy saving and environmental protection
  • Eenrgy-saving and Enviromental-proteetion,not contains toxic matenals. save 60% energy than traditional street light
  • Good dispersion of heat
  • Heat sink technology from the programme of Shanghai University:lower temperature raising, good dispersion of heat.
  • Start quick ,no flicker
  • No UV infrared radiation, no flicker
  • High efficiency, high power and high reliability
  • Driver is designed by constant currency, high efficiency, high power factor and reliability
  • Accurate luminous intensity distribution
  • Professional design of distribution curve, accurate squareness luminous intensity distribution