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LED Tubes

  • Eight times working life
  • Long life span.Eight times working life than traditional fluorescent light.
  • Hight efficiency,high power and high reliability
  • Constant currency driver, high efficiency high power factor and reliability.
  • Green produhct andenvironment-protenction
  • Green product and environment-protection, recycling.
  • Good dispersion of heat
  • Use imported Aluminumdie-casing shell, gooddispersion of heat, lower brightness decay.
  • Against dizzy, higherlight transmittance
  • Against dizzy, higher lighttransmittance, solid die-casing shell.
  • Start quickly and noteasy to break
  • No UV or infrared radiation,no flicker.Not easy to breakwhen switch on and off frequently.
  • Energy-saving andenviromental-protection
  • Energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, compare teaditional fluorescent light. Save up to 56% power.