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Bai LED Lights are committed to our customers. From the date of shipping the warranty periods for normal use are as follows.
LED fluorescent series: 3 years

LED bulbs series: 3 years

LED street lights series: 3 years

If, during the warranty period, any of the above products have quality problems, they will be repaired or replaced by the company. This applies to the original or end user and assumes that the product has been stored and maintained correctly.



The quality assurance excludes the following conditions:

  • Unauthorized turning on the light body, causing the shell to crack or the components to be damaged or missing;
  • Improper use, resulting in quality problems;
  • Damage due to disobeying the technical instructions;
  • Damage due to exceeding the performance limits of the components such as high temperature, high pressure or low pressure;
  • Any other non-corporate responsibility.

Limited liability:

The company cannot accept liability for product quality as a result of a variety of consequential, incidental and special damages, such as profit losses, consuming losses, the use of alternative products and other indirect losses.

In the quality guarantee period above, losses and damages due to lighting products and services, for which Bai LED Lights has accepted and agreed to compensate, the compensation shall generally not exceed the prices of the corresponding lighting products. Should there be any controversial issues, they will be solved according to the relevant law regulations. Bai LED Lights reserves the right to final interpretation of their products’ warranties.



After-sales service:

Our professional and technical personnel will resolve customers’ application and technical problems within 24 hours.

All equipment is tested and inspected to ensure that we provide quality products to our customers.

We have a strong R & D team who provide customers with high quality LED energy-saving products.